Happy Goat manufactures innovative and above all delicious products made from organic goat milk, respecting the environment.

Products that meet the welfare of man, animal and nature.

Happy Goat has set a goal to make organic goat milk products more affordable. Happy Goat decided in 2014 to expand its organic farm.

Happy Goat produces goat cheese spreads from fresh organic goat .


The social-farm ‘of Lingehof‘ was created in 1995 in the Kleine Steeg in Rhenoy. Where there was at the beginning a barn …

Since then, Astrid and Kees Groeneveld made it a real farm, where 500 organic goats are milked every day.

With their long experience in the care sector, Astrid and Kees were among the first to create a social firm in the Netherlands.

Today, 15 people in need of care work there.

There is still a great shortage of organic goat milk in Europe.

To meet this demand, a new social character farmhouse was built in 2015 on a second site, located at Tiendweg Rhenoy.  This new modern farm houses 1,500 goats. They have plenty of space inside and outside to lead a good life. A modern apartment complex is home to people in need of care, sui also allows them to live outside.

‘De Lingehof’ has created a new farm business model in which humans, animals and nature take central stage.

You will find more information on Happy Goat website here.

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