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Yogurt (Food Service)

FAGE Total is a rich, creamy all-natural Greek strained yogurt made simply with a family recipe dating back to 1926....

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Vegetable Steaks (Food Service)

The Sud'n'Sol vegetables Steaks' of are delicious steaks 100% vegetable made from cooked vegetables, rich in protein and fiber. Combining...

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The Sud'n'Sol tartars are delicious pieces of tomatoes or peppers grilled with Mediterranean flavors. Prepared from fresh vegetables cut into...

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Spreads (Food Service)

Check out our grilled or semi-dried vegetable spreads & dips! Incredibly tasty and irresistible. The colors and the flavors will...

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Pesto (Food Service)

There are dozens of ways to use pesto beyond pasta... -Mix It into Dips -Top your eggs at Breakfast -Replace...

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Marinated (Food Service)

Marinated and grilled vegetables in traditional Mediterranean style... Ideal to embellish all your dishes, your pasta, your sandwiches, salads, tarts,...

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Houmous (Food Service)

Of Middle East origin, this preparation made of candied chickpeas will take you on a journey. These houmous are guaranteed...

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Cheese (Food Service)

Cheese Food Service Available in selected stores (cash and carry)

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